Balance & Core

60 mins. Postures and drills for improving balance and increasing abdominal/psoas strength. All levels.

Group/Individual Sitting Meditation

This is a 30-minute group meditation however we will be meditating individually. Students are welcome to use any seated meditation technique they like (as long as it is not disruptive to other meditators). Group Leader will be using Sattva Mala Meditation and those who know the technique are welcome to do so as well.

Meditating in a group increases the vibration, frequency, and energy one can receive from meditation. All levels welcome. 

Heated 26N2

This class is the original hot series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises (formerly known as Bikram's series). This class is therapeutically heated and is good for all levels. Designed to help create mental discipline through concentrated attention, detoxify and balance the internal organs, increase flexibility, improve balance, increase muscle strength, and can help create a strong connection to the body/mind. No music. Students move with the structured instruction of the teacher.  All levels welcome.  75 Mins.

Heated 26N2-FLOW

Similar to Heated 26N2 oringinal series, however music is added and some of the postures flow one to the next. Concentration is focused on the breath connection to movement. Some variations in postures to the original series may be added. Therapeutically heated, 26N2 is designed to help create mental discipline through concentrated effort, detoxify and balance the internal organs, increase flexibility, improve balance, increase muscle strength, and can help create a strong connection to the body/mind and breath. Knowledge of the 26 and 2 series helpful and recommended.  75 mins.

Sattva Himalayan 


Originally developed in northern India by Anand Mehrotra at the Sattva Yoga Academy.  This class is a blend of all the good stuff! 

Breath work, movement, kriya and mantra. Kundalini yoga is designed to increase the body's ability to contain energy which boosts the immune system. It also activates dormant and underused parts of the brain, and releases buildup of old/trapped energy from the energy centers creating balance. This is an ancient yogic modality for holistic healing. If you are looking for a deeper yogic experience and to do something that will create health and change in your body/mind, come join us! All levels are welcome.


(Community Support Group)

"Sangha is our Beloved Community.”  -Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist monk and peace activist)

We offer this free support group for people who are in need of support and encouragement and those who are engaged in serving and bringing joy to one another.

Slow Flow & Yin

Postures flow one to another and are done a little slower paced to allow for emphasis on breath, form and a deeper stretch/strengthen capability. Class ends with yin yoga postures. Good for all levels. 60 Mins

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra works with brain neuroplasticity we can re-pattern pathways in the brain that have become limiting behavior/beliefs. This is done through guided deep relaxation, visualization and direction of the body/mind. This is an extremely therapeutic yoga experience that will leave you renewed and relaxed. No experience necessary.  All levels.

Intro to Sattva Kriya & Kundalini

This 60 minute class provides a detailed instruction on different yogic breath techniques and kriyas brought forth from the Himalayan teachings in India.  It also sets a foundation of practice in the area of Sattva Kriya and Kundalini. 

Focus is on accessing, strenghthening, and balancing the subtle bodies as well as energizing all areas of the brain, releasing old neuro pathway connections and creating new ones.

Performing kriya and increasing kundalini energy enables our body to balance and contain more prana (life force) thereby allowing for a stronger and healthier central nervous system and immune system, heightened awareness, connection and intuition, and cultivates a deep sense of peace. 

60min. Not Heated. All levels.

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