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At Santosha our classes are rooted in the Yog-Vedantic and Sattva Yoga traditions.

Santosha yoga is a holistic, integrated approached to practicing yoga.

The entire being is considered, body, mind and soul. 

A therapeutic level of heat may be added to some classes to allow for greater ease in stretching the tissue.  

Santosha Sunburst from Vikki (1).jpg


Kriya & Kundalini

Sattva Kriya & Kundalini comes from the Yog-Vedantic tradition in  the Himalayan mountains of India.

This practice is designed to create awareness of our life force energy (prana) and allow us to develop the abilities to work with it through kriya, breath-work, movement, and mantra.


Increasing the body's ability to contain energy boosts the immune system. It also activates dormant and underused parts of the brain, and releases buildup of old/trapped energy from the energy centers creating balance.

This is an ancient yogic modality for holistic healing. If you are looking for a deeper yogic experience and to do something that will create health and change in your body/mind, come join us! All levels are welcome.

Yin Yoga 



This class  moves at a slow pace with props for support.  We begin with a few pranayama techniques (breathing exercises) to get centered and grounded.


Yin Yoga is designed to allow for longer held static postures. 

Postures may be held up to 5 minutes at a time to access deeper layers of connective tissue, aide in reducing stress and create deep relaxation. 


Great for recovery and rehabilation and accessible to all levels. 


Group Meditation Class & Sangha

This is a conscious gathering for group "silent" meditation. 


It is open to all levels and all techniques provided they are not disruptive to the group.  We will all start together as a group and will have 30 mins. to meditate depending on your preference.

We will finish by reading a passage from a relevant book for inspiration and then open the circle up for conscious sharing.  This group is for uplifting support and to build community.

If you have questions regarding technique or would like personal instruction prior to attending please send a text message to:

Gabi at 480-250-7430

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