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For the past 30 years, my sincere desire has been to guide others on their journey. I've assembled a diverse toolkit aimed at providing spiritual guidance and support to those truly seeking to honor their soul's path and willing to invest in co-creating a life filled with joy and freedom. When individuals reach out to me for assistance, we collaborate to determine the best course of action tailored to their needs.
My personal journey has traversed various pathways, leading me from the physical body to the subtle realms, all culminating in new levels of self-realization—the understanding that we are all divine spiritual beings and that our physical form, along with its associated energy, serves as the conduit for this realization.
I've extensively studied under Dr. Joe Dispenza, delving into meditation, quantum physics, epigenetics, and neuroscience, and hold multiple certifications from Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India, including Sattva Master Level Yoga Teacher in Kundalini and Kriya and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) certifications. Additionally, I am a certified practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy and Multi-Dimensional Self Therapy, both aimed at elevating frequency and consciousness by working with the akashic record and subtle bodies.
Currently, I am studying with Richard Rudd regarding his transmission with the Gene Keys.

As a nationally certified and practicing Massage Therapist for over two decades, I specialize in methods to alleviate chronic pain and enhance overall well-being. Each session is personalized, drawing from modalities such as Neuromuscular therapy, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Reiki, and others.

I firmly believe that the spiritual path is not a one-time event but an ongoing awakening to life's boundless offerings. This journey, which began long before our current incarnation, continues throughout our existence and transcends beyond this reality. Recognizing the intensity of this journey, I emphasize the importance of support along the way.

I am deeply grateful to those who have supported me and am committed to paying it forward to those who feel the call of their soul. It would be my honor to assist you on YOUR journey.

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