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Learn to Meditate:
Beginning Level

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Everyone can meditate.

It is a common misunderstanding that one can either meditate or not meditate.

Meditation is learned and just like any other skill must be developed over time.

You will be given simple techniques to begin to quiet the mind and direct your attention during this beginning level, introduction to meditation.

Over time the process will become easier and you will find greater and greater separation from the thoughts in your head and more connection to who you really are.


SATTVA Meditation Initiation into Kriya I

Kriya initiation is an ancient oral tradition given to students of yoga in the East.

Kriya I is the first initiation students are given within the

 SATTVA Meditation Techniques. This is seated meditation practice and is a technique stemming from the SATTVA Tantric Yog-Vedantic Tradition. 

It is a comprehensive  yet simple, and effective technique for students wishing to deepen their meditation practice. 




SATTVA Meditation Initiation into Kriya II

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Honoring the ancient yogic tradition of oral initiation Kriya II is offered only after a student has been initiated into Kriya I and has had a consistent meditation practice with it for a minimum of one year.

Kriya II allows for a deeper connection to the Cosmos and to the Self.


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