Using the ancient teachings of yoga AND the current research that science now has to offer about the life changing benefits of meditation, we will offer you a tangible and easy way to begin to quiet the mind and tune into an elevated emotional state, heal the past and create change in your future.
**No experience is necessary/all levels welcome.***
During this workshop:
1. Pulling from 15 years study of the body/mind through yoga as well as my current works with Dr. Joe Dispenza. We will discuss how the brain, body chemistry and genes, as well as our emotional state can change as a result of regular meditation.
2. I will walk you through a step by step meditation process using a japa mala.
(The use of a japa mala -a knotted loop of 108 beads- is very therapeutic and makes it easier to stay connected to the present moment.)
3. At the end we will practice together with a group meditation to ensure success.

Meditation is scientifically proven to grow NEW grey matter in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain allowing for a stronger connection to Source and our Intuition! It also allows us to change our body chemistry and release addiction to stress hormones. In addition to creating new elevated body and emotional chemistry, we can learn to change our genetic future and tap into higher (healing) frequencies in the quantum field.

When we are able to quiet the mind intentionally we begin to gain control over our reactions to life and increase our ability to be Guided into our most authentic Self.

I have blankets and cushions but you are welcome to bring your own, we will be sitting on the floor. If you need other accommodations please let me know!

I recently traveled to India and had a local craftsman create handcrafted japa malas designed for this particular meditation.
Each one has been dipped in India's most sacred river Ma Ganga and has been blessed to it's highest potential.
Each one also has different semi precious gemstones that enhance the properties of the mala.

I will have these malas available for purchase. You can purchase your first mala for only $25, this is half off the regular price. (Additional mala's will be regular price)

Workshop Price:

Japa mala:
$25 (discounted price if purchased with workshop)

*If you have previously attended this workshop***
This is a modified version of what you have previously learned, adding into it techniques I've learned from my studies with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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