Individual Consultation

Coaching sessions can relate to yoga philosophy, kriya & kundalini coaching, and or meditation instruction. 

All sessions are individualized plans for personal growth, PTSD, trauma or addiction recovery and will be personalized for each client.

Duration: 60 mins.  

Price: $85.00

Postural Assessment

Description: Postural Assessments allow holding patterns and compensation patterns in the body to be identified and addressed. In additional, individuals can address any yoga postures they are having trouble with.

Duration: 60 mins. 

Price: $65.00

Private Yoga Session

Description: Private Yoga sessions are designed to help students with specific questions, goals, postures and breathing exercises. If more than one person adds $25 per person.  Please specify which instructor you would like to have your private session from.

Duration: 60 mins. 

Price: $65.00

Gabi Garrisi Nevarez


Owner, Teacher, & Massage Therapist

1615 E Warner Rd #2

Tempe, AZ 85284

Tel: 480-250-7430

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