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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is  a type of alternative healing therapy that helps you put your past behind you, release trauma,  and will  enable you to move forward in areas of your life where you may feel blocked .

Founded by the late Rev. Robert E. Detzler (1926-2013), Spiritual Response Therapy is a spiritual healing method that works on a soul level with Spirit and our High Self to search out and  clear negative programming, vows, and contracts as well as past and present life trauma and discordant energies that are anchored in the subconscious and unconscious  minds.  SRT can clear energies with the Soul family and ancestral lines as well, releasing us to live our best lives. Through this clearing, release, and re-patterning the soul is able to grow achieve it's purpose, which is  to expand in consciousness. 

Initial Session (approx. 90mins) $105

Follow up Session $85

Other Individual Sessions



Coaching sessions can relate to yoga philosophy, kriya & kundalini coaching, and or meditation instruction. 

All sessions are individualized plans for personal growth, PTSD, trauma or addiction recovery and will be personalized for each client.

Duration: 60 mins.  

Price: $85.00

Postural Assessment

Description: Postural Assessments allow holding patterns and compensation patterns in the body to be identified and addressed. In additional, individuals can address any yoga postures they are having trouble with.

Duration: 60 mins. 

Price: $65.00

Private Yoga Session

Description: Private Yoga sessions are designed to help students with specific questions, goals, postures and breathing exercises. If more than one person adds $25 per person.  Please specify which instructor you would like to have your private session from.

Duration: 60 mins. 

Price: $65.00

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