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The Science of Light
(Vedic Astrology)

Jyotish is the oldest science when it comes to cosmology.

As a Sattva Jyotishi, we do not treat Vedic Astrology as an isolated science but as part of the integrated yogic technology.  We recognize each individual as multi-faceted and vedic astrology gives us great insight into an individual as whole Spiritual being.

The purpose of Jyotish is to support an individual, gaining insight into their own souls journey through time and space and how to navigate life in the most elegant manner.

The Natal Chart is a snapshot of the planets and constellations at the exact time and location of birth.  This snapshot is ones own unique blueprint and shows us the energy that supports us as well as possible karmic challenges we may face while we are here.  Armed with this information an individual can choose the best course of action to take at any time in their life.


 In Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology is called Jyotisha, which means the “science of light”—specifically, “Vedanga Jyotisha,” the astrological limb of the Vedas, said to be the very eye of the Vedas.

Jyotisha is an integral aspect of the traditional Vedic sciences.  We integrate all aspects of being in a reading, along with meditation, kundalini, kriya and yoga, all of which are usually used together.

Like yoga, Jyotisha is a super science that links us with the cosmic intelligence behind nature. Its first message is that we are one with the Universal Being.

New discoveries in quantum physics demonstrate the interrelatedness of the universe, showing subtle levels of immediate interaction even at great distances of time and space.

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